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What this blog shan’t be!

Do you know Quora?

I love the app! Very basically Quora is a “Question and Answer”-Site. Random people ask questions and other random people answer. A bit like Reddit. But with a very sleek design and a lot more fun. I love it. The topics range from investment advice to personal anecdotes about airport experiences. With all things internet it has its good sides and its bad sides. Quora excels and storytelling. The anectodes and little stories surrounding people are truly engaging and will keep you glued to your screen for hours. At the same time I really hate the pseudo-helpful advice on Forex-trading with a link to the guy’s website and his pyramid scheme.

This site is also where a rediscovered motivational blogs. You know, the porn for your mind. It`s this advice on how to become a more full person. How the fuck are you a motivational speaker? If you are such an awesome entrepreneur why are you holding talks on how to found a business, if you could just hang back in your villa and read philosophy? Normally the title of such a vile person is

“Serial Entrepreneur, happily married father and motivational speaker”.

Why serial entrepreneur, did you found a business, it went bust, you founded a new one, it went bust etc. ? If I were successful I sure wouldn’t just go on and throw myself back into wrath of capitalism trying to find another money-making opportunity, I would raise 5 cats and read philosophy. And then happily married father! Truly, if the world knows, you must be truly happy. And then what the hell makes one a motivational speaker? I once convinced my sister to learn swimming by throwing her in the a river, truly motivational, innit mate?

Anyway, I am getting distracted. A motivational post on Quora normally looks like this (This also applies to blogs wholly dedicated to Motivationalism):

  1. Exercise, reason why being healthy is healthy, a buddhist statement why your body is a temple for your mind
  2. Masturbate every day or never, either because it is healthy or you train you mind
  3. Take X time out of your day to contemplate on life, you know, because  I never do that
  4. Concentrate at work, be productive, just alway think of the mantra “MUST WORK, MUST GENERATE MONEY”
  5. Plan your day meticulously, to the second, otherwise ,you know, you might be unproductive
  6. Travel, because you get to know people and widen your horizon, but never forget that 5-9, just remember “travel is awesome, work is awesomer”.
  7. Learn a language, preferably one from the same continent, just not chinese!
  8. Read a book, preferably anything Malcolm Gladwell or Steven Levitt, just keep away from that Marx.

Thank you for reading my post, want to achieve the finer things in life (sex, money, fame)? Just buy this book!

I absolutely hate this shit. What ends up happening, that people just read one motivational post after the next without actually doing anything about it, just like porn. I don’t believe this is the solution to a society which has fundamentally lost its way and bathes itself in deep insecurity. I don’t want to do this kind of thing with my blog. I don’t believe in “fake it till you make it”. A lot of these bloggers are doing exactly that, pretending to be confident, posting it on the internet and then feeling a bit less insecure, or at least feel that they should feel this way.

Instead this blog shall be a close look at confidence thru introspection. Maybe we can do better. I hope so.I invite you to join me on my journey.